1.Comprehensive eye examination with state-of-the-art instruments.
2. Special clinics for infective diseases of eye, Retina, Glaucoma, Squint, Contact Lens, Ocular Injury, Ocular Tumor, Ocular Prosthesis, Neuro-ophthalmology, Corneal disorders and Vitreoretinal disorders etc.
3. Pediatric OPD and Strabismus Clinic
4. Microsurgery for Cataract with monofocal/multifocal intraocular lens implantation, Glaucoma, Squint, Adnexal and Oculoplastic problems, malignant intraocular and adnexal problems & corneal transplantation.
5. Special investigations viz. Ultrasonography (Diagnostic B Scan A Scan, Biometry, FFA, OCT etc.)
6. Retina Surgery, Pneumoretinopexy, Scleral Buckling etc.
7. Vitreous microsurgery – full range viz. Pars plana vitrectomy Endolaser, Membrane surgery, Retinotomy and facility for C3F8, SF6 LPFC & Silicon Oil Injection.
8. Laser treatment facility (Diode, Argon, ND-Yag, PDT) for after Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy and other medical and surgical retinal problems including retinal detachment and retina peripheral degenerations etc.
9. Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT Laser)
10. Botox + Filler clinic
11. Lasik Laser Facility
12. Eye Bank
13. General anesthesia with ICU facility
14. Cryosurgery for retinal diseases and Glaucoma
15. Community Ophthalmic counseling & service through rural free Satellite Centre and free eye surgery to make targeted villages free from cataract
16. Ancillary services like optical dispensing unit & utility corner
17. Library with internet, telemedicine, video conferencing & VSAT facility
18. Wet Lab facilities
19. Contact lens and LVA clinic
20. Training and fellowship programme for ophthalmologist. Post graduate training (DNB) under National Board of Examinations, Government of India

1. Fluoresce in Angiography (Digital & Manual)
2. Orthoptic Exercise
3. Perimetry (Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer)
4. YAG Laser
5. Argon Laser (Focal /Diode)
6. Argon Laser (PRP/Diode)
7. Ultrasonography A Scan + B Scan
8. Physician Physical Examinations
9. ECG
10. Lab Services (Microbiology, Pathology and PCR)
11. 24 hours Emergency Service
12. Fundus Photography
13. Contact Lens
14. P. A. M.
15. Ocular Prosthetic Clinic
16. T. C. Cryo
17. Photo Slit Lamp Documentation
18. Ultrasound Biomicroscopy
19. EUA
20. 3 D Ultrasound
21. Frequency Doubling Perimetry
22. Heidleburg Retina Tomograph II
23. Heidleburg Retian Angiography
24. Open Cryo
25. Intravitreal injection
26. Prostigmine Test
27. Specular Microscopy
28. VEP
29. ERG
30. EOG
31. Ishihara FM-100 color vision test
32. Contrast sensitivity test (Prill-Robson)
33. Cosmetic Lens
34. LVA
35. UBM
36. Botox & Filler
37. Syringing
38. OCT


1.ECCE/SICS/Phaco-emulsification/ Phaco-aspiration (Without IOL)
2. Trabeculectomy with or without Mytomycin or Moltano implant
3. PP membranectomy
4. Anterior Vitrectomy
5. Squint surgery
6. Ptosis surgery
7. PP Lensectomy
8. Keratoplasty
9. Phaco-emulsification with Foldable/Multifocal/Toric IOL
10. Phaco-emulsification +Trabeculectomy
11. Scleral Fixation of IOL
12. Different Vitrectomy procedures
13. Scleral buckling/rev. Buckling ± C3F8/SF6
14. Pneumo retinopexy
15. Orbital surgery - Anterior and Posterior
16. Repair – I
17. Repair – II
19. Evisceration / Enucleation
20. Evisceration/Enucleation with silicon ball implant or with imported hydroxiapatitte ball
21. Pterygium excision ± Autograft± antimetabolits
29. Lasik Laser Facility and other refractive surgeries
30. ICL
31. Entropion + Ectropion
32. Blepheroplasty
33. Reconstructionof contracted socket ± Amniotic Membrane/Dermis Fat Graft
34. Intravitreal injection with Avastin/Lucentis/Azurdex
35. Tumour excision and repair of benign and malignant
36. Probing and syringing
37. Silicon oil removal



1.Glaucoma 6 Days
2.Retna Vitreous6 Days
3.Squint and Orthoptic 5 Days
4.Orbit and Oculoplasty 6 Days
5.Cornea 5 Days
6.Cataract & Refractive Surgery 6 Days
7.Contact Lens + LVA Clinics 5 Days
8.Perimetry Clinics 6 Days
9.Electro Diagnostic Clinics 6 Days
10.Ultra Sound Clinics 6 Days
11.FFA and Medical Photography Clinic 6 Days
12.Laser Clinics 6 Days
13.Lasik Laser Clinics2 Days
14.BOTOX Clinics 1 Day
15.Ocular Prosthesis Clinic 6 Days
16.Nasal Endoscopy Clinics2 Days
17.Medical Retinal Clinic 3 Days




1.Total No. of Book 669
2.Books pertaining to ophthalmology 605
3.Purchase of latest editional books in last 3 years115
4.Ophthalmology Books 111
5.Other Books 4


Indian 18
Foreign 20
7.Library working hours Morning 8 AM to Evening 8PM
8.Number of days it is open in a week 6 Days in a week
9.Internet facility available Yes
10.Printer facility available Yes
11.Printer facility availableYes




Any other

a. Eye Bank

b. Spectacle Dispensing Unit

c. Custom Design Prosthesis Unit.

d. Wet Lab (Full Video Monitoring)




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