Q.Who can be an Eye donor?
A.Anyone can be a donor irrespective of Age, Sex & Blood Group

Q.Do religious authorities approve of donating one's eyes?
A.Yes. all religious belief that organ donation/eye donation for the benefit of a suffering person is a noble cause

Q.Is the whole eye used for transplant?
A.No. Only the thin transparent layer in front of the iris called the cornea is used for transplant.

Q.Do Cataracts or use of spectacles render the corneas unfit?
A.No. Both these conditions relate to the lens of the eye and not the cornea

Q.Does eye donation disfigure the donors face?
A.No. The removal of eyes does not produce disfigurement nor does it interfere with the customary funeral arrangements

Q.Does the human body reject the transplanted donor's cornea?
A.Corneas do not have any direct blood supply so the risk of rejection is very low. Rejections, if the occur, can be suppressed by timely medication.

Q.What conditions render corneas unfit for donations?
A.Corneas of person suffering (in their last days) from AIDS, Jaundice, Rabies, Syphilis, Tetanus,Septicaemia, Viral diseases, Hepatitis B& C, Blood Cancer& Dengue are considered unfit for donation.

Q.What about diebetes or hypertension?
A.Even donors with these conditions can donate their eyes

Q.How will my donations be used?
A.After the eyes are removed they will be evaluated, processed, screened,and then supplied to the eye surgeon for transplant.

Q.Is there any use for corneas which are for some reasons not used for transplant?
A.Corneas that for technical reasons are not for vision restoring corneal transplant, are used for research.

Q.Do corneal transplants guarantee sight of all blind people?
A.No. Transplants only help when the loss of sight is solely due to corneal defect and the rest of the eye's mechanism is intact, both retina and the optic nerve

Q.How quickly should the eyes removed after death?
A.As soon as possible. But eyes can be removed after 6 hours after death, in places where the climate is hot such as ours a shorter duration preferably 2 to 4 hours is advisable.

Q.Is it necessary to transport the body of donor to the hospital after death?
A.Eyes bank have personnel who will come to the donor's home and remove the eyes. The procedure takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. They can be comminicated over telephone about donation

Q.What is an Eye Bank?
A.It is the link between the donor and recipent / eye surgeon. It is an organization recognised by the government to collect and distribute human eyes to those who require cornea transplants.


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