Sri Sankaradeva Nethralaya has engaged M/s. Group5 Placement & Security Services, an outsourcing agency, for rendering security services to the Institution, on contract. Its security services are currently being managed with 1 Safety & Security Officer appointed by the Institution itself, and 4 Supervisors & 41 Security Guards provided by the agency who are deployed at all three buildings of the Institution, namely SSN's main hospital complex, Institute of Ophthalmology and the Institute of Community Ophthalmology which is just half-a-kilometre away from the main hospital complex.

Apart from round-the-clock 'watch & ward' services on all the floors of the buildings and in their compounds including car parking lots, the agency also handles the responsibility of operation and monitoring of CCTV cameras provided at all strategic locations of the buildings for surveillance. Moreover, the security guards are given necessary training by the Institution in 'Disaster Management' measures, particularly in 'firefighting' techniques during emergencies and conduct frequent 'mock drills' to test the preparedness of the Institution for such emergency situations. The Institution ensures strict compliance of all statutory requirements of government authorities in respect of 'Fire Safety' to be taken by Hospitals and Institutions like ours. Towards this, it has made necessary provisions for - (1) an underground RCC water tank of 1 lac litre capacity, (2) Sprinkler system in false ceilings, (3) Fire alarm system, (4) Hose Reel with Jockey Pump, (5) Standby Diesel Generator set exclusively for firefighting purpose and (6) All types of Fire Extinguishers at different strategic points -at its premises to take care of both the main hospital and the annex buildings.


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Training on Disaster Management firefighting techniques


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